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SAAB Flight Operations


19 January 2018, PerformAir has joined SAAB Flight Operations as Safety and Compliance Monitoring Manager.

Atlantic Airways finalised the first IOSA audit with 33 findings, Friday 02 June 2017. PerformAir has been the IOSA Project Manager.


Atlantic Airways finalised the first IOSA audit with 33 findings, Friday 02 June 2017. PerformAir has been the IOSA Project Manager.

Lead auditor Jan-Lou Mirial, Quali-Audit concluded:

“Your preparatory work has been exceptional. You have thus put yourself in the best conditions to face this audit.

This audit week has not been felt by the auditors like that of an initial audit but rather as a second or third renewal.”

Two IOSA preparations projects are running at the moment for Atlantic Airways and Air Alsie!


PerformAir is  running two IOSA preparation projects, Atlantic Airways and Air Alsie Both project are total project management, preparation of documentation, planning of the IOSA audit, participating int the audit and audit follow up.

Atlantic Airways was first started in November 2016  and all ISARP’s in the eight disciplines ware documented in 9 weeks. The Alsie project started in Mars 2017 is running even better, in 4 weeks is 85 % of the ISARP’s documented.

Total compliance review of Amapolaflyg EASA OPS manuals,


Today, 14 Oct 2016,  PerformAir completed a total compliance review of Amapolaflyg EASA OPS manuals, including documenting shortcomings in the Company manuals.

PerformAir is now supporting Atlantic Airways with a total IOSA preparation project


The 17 of November 2016 is the launch day for PerformAir and Atlantic Airways IOSA project.

PerformAir will provide total project support during the preparation work and support Atalntic Airways during the IOSA audit.




PerformAir provides support in documenting requirements according to EASA-SPO, EASA-NCC and EASA- NCO.

If you are in the need of support to get compliant to the applicable regulation, PerformAir can give you advice or help you to document the  requirements.

PerformAir can provide you with a complete set of manuals in order to get you approved for your specific operation.

PerformAir has of today, 15Apr16, received a AAA rating by Solitditet.


PerformAir has of today, 15Apr16, received an AAA rating by Solitditet.

AAA – Highest Creditworthiness

Only limited liability companies can hold the AAA (triple A) rating. Furthermore, the company must have been trading for at least ten years, have a turnover exceeding SEK 2 million, and be able to show financial ratios well in excess of the industry average.


Blom Geomatics is now a customer, EASA SPO approval.


PerformAir is providing assistant to Blom Geomatics to obtain an EASA SPO (Special Operations) approval.

Specialised Operation

Specialised Operation

Blom Geomatics


Security Manual for a Regulated Agent (RA)


PerformAir has produced a Security Manual for Trust Forwarding, Sweden ( Regulated Agent /RA). Approved by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Project time available


At the moment PerformAir has time available for both long term and short term projects.