PerformAir has been working with IOSA preparations since 2007. Ten first time certifications and twenty five recertification’s.

Preparing for an IOSA certification is time and resource consuming.
PerformAir can help you and by that shortening the preparation time, for the documentation part, down to 60 days for all eight disciplines.

PerformAir will ensure that all ISARPS are documented, will guide you how to implement and how to produce evidence of implementation.

PerformAir will sit in with the stakeholders in each discipline and work directly into your manuals.

A corporate Manual is highly recommendable to fulfill the repeated ISAPRS that are reflected in each discipline. PerformAir can provide you with a basic Corporate Manual that needs few alterations to reflect your company’s organisation, processes and procedures.

E-IOSA is time consuming, requires a minimum of 2,5 months of full time work during a 24 month cycle.

Do you have the resources? PerformAir can help you out!